Kai Lu

CS DPhil Student, University of Oxford


About Me

I'm Kai Lu(陆恺) , a DPhil Student at Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Andrew Markham. My interestes are

  • Robotics — Robotic Manipulation / Moblie Manipulator
  • Machine Learning — Reinforcement Learning / Deep Learning
  • Multi-Modal Perception — Robotic Vision / Tactile Sensor

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University of Oxford

Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I am currently a DPhil Student at Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Andrew Markham.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Visiting Scholar

Hong Kong, China

I was a visiting scholar in vLAR group, Department of Computing, PolyU, supervised by Dr. Bo Yang.

Tsinghua University

Beijing, China

I obtained B.E. (outstanding graduate honor) from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University.
I completed my thesis in Robot Locomotion Lab, supervised by Professor Mingguo Zhao.
I completed two robotics research projects in State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and System at Department of Computer Sicence, supervised by Professor Huaping Liu.
I was selected to the Leading Talent Program of Tsinghua University.

Duke University & UIUC, Visiting Scholar

Durham, Urbana-Champaign, USA

I was a visiting scholar in Intelligent Motion Laboratory at Duke & University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), supervised by Professor Kris Hauser.

High School

Nanning, China

I graduated from Nanning No.2 High School. In CNCEE (China College Entrance Examination),
I ranked top 3 in Nanning city/ top 20 in Guangxi province out of 330,000 examinees.
I obtained provincial first awards (i.e. top 10 in province) in Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO), Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO), Chinese Westen Mathematical Olympiad (CWMO).
An article introducing these experiences was published in, Tsing Xiao Hua, and Come Join Us in Tsinghua (Book Series 3).


Semi-Empirical Simulation of Learned Force Response Models for Heterogeneous Elastic Objects

Y. Zhu, K. Lu, K. Hauser

Published in The 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020)

We presented a semi-empirical method for simulating contact with elastically deformable objects. We proposed a 2-stage framework: firstly a point model was learned via robot poking the object, then a semi-empirical simulator predicted the contact wrench by integrating analytic calculation and the learned point model.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Pushing and Picking in Cluttered Environment

Y. Deng*, X. Guo*, Y. Wei*, K. Lu*, B. Fang, D. Guo, H. Liu, F. Sun
* denotes equal contribution

Published in The 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2019)

We design a novel robotic grasping system to automatically pick up objects in a cluttered scene. Resorting to the active exploration, we utilize a deep Q-Network model to help increase lifting success rate for the suction cup.

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Robocup 2019 Humanoid League Contest

Tsinghua Hephaestus

2nd place in both the Technical Challenge and the Drop-in Contest, 3rd place in 2v2 Soccer Competition

Our team participated in Adult Size Humanoid Contest in RoboCup 2019, at Sydney, Australia. As the main developer in vision-localization group, I applied Yolo V3 in robotic vision,and particle filter algorithm in localization with my teammates.

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A Composite Robot Manipulator Based on Gripper and Suction Cup

Co-Authors: B. Fang, H. Liu, Y. Deng, X. Guo, K.Lu, Y. Wei

Published, Patent No.CN109465840A

We designed a composite robotic hand which could compound operations. We developed a multi-modal-perception algorithm of vision and tactile and an electronic circuit board independently.



Outstanding Graduate Honor, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University


Tsinghua Representative, International AI Educational Conference - Tsinghua Exhibition

Best Project Nominee, The 20th Beijing 'Challenge Cup' College Student Technological Competition


National Champion, The 20th National Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition


Leading Talent Program, Tsinghua University


Provincial First Prize, top 10 in province, Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO)


Provincial First Prize, top 10 in province, Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)


Machine Learning

Python, C++/C#, MATLAB, Pytorch, TensorFlow

Robot Related

ROS, Issac, Klampt, V-REP, Universal Robot(UR), Franka Panda, Unitree Aliengo, Kinect/ RealSense, STM32